czy napewno 2501 ??? w raduczu ??

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Insipid life, simple also

Insipid life, simple also has its own interest. Quietly elegant of jade, the reason, cool world. Light is a kind of attitude to life, some people want to live a strong life, some people want to live a plain life; Some people are always in splendor, looking for his own happiness, although some cottage three rafter, shochiku several strains, can find his life from the mundane Ann residence. Imagine lie on your back in the cradle of nature, arms resting in years, according to the time of soft, heart walk in the light breeze, condensation of the past into a flower, of quietly elegant, like a jewel hidden in the leaves.
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The full-bodied like blue, because it grows in the deep valley, not with qunfang bloom, don't envy the prosperous of the garden, with their own a piece of pure land, dye the nature of heaven and earth. Blooming quietly, without a trace of make public, if if there is no light sweet, let people who love and respect. Has a "four gentlemen", "mass sticks to orchid heart" virtue. Pave a depicting ink, light light pen to write, will have the memory contain traces of the text, silently waiting for you, Benjamin quietly.
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In life, I am not the best, but I have a the most sincere, kind heart. Regardless of rich and poor, ugly and beautiful, all with the same psychological view. Not arrogant not dry, calm, pleasant countenance. With a heart of spontaneous, treated with approachable attitude around every one of us. Maybe, my heart is a bit of clear water. Eyes, cleaning flat; Into the heart and travel.like wen wan.
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The road of life, but it will have some incense purples scattered among them, some drunk the mediocrity of life journey. Until after the prosperous, insipid, still there is a light lingering fragrance, a wisp of the gentle tenderness, delicious, all over.
Light, is a quiet flower in the corner. Wen wan years, QingJian the time. With a quiet, with a stable and peaceful heart, look at the time slowly on the wane in the green, in the face of the years age, everything would see the light.
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Since can't change, might as well try to accept it. Do not by thing happy, to the oneself is not sad, constant couse, be suddenly enlightened. Look at the courthouse flowers bloom, be yourself.
Indifferently, is the highest realm of life, attitude to life, is a virtue, a kind of self-restraint, a kind of poise, a kind of courage, a kind of power, a kind of principle. Qunfang comes from the heart, not with the quality, if light breeze.
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Life is a process of flowering, is either post heart. Only in quiet, can hear the voices of flowers, feeling the deep heart's core. To see the world, after the busy into depression remnants. In the face of duckweed, I already accustomed to alone to bear loneliness, see time waste in time quietly. Give to our happiness of life, and at the same time bring a lot of regret and the insufficiency. Don't complain, don't have to inferiority, see light is a sunny day. Rather than complain, change the attitude towards life, strengthen self world transformation. Thinking from a different Angle, can see the other side of things. With calm attitude to look at the problem, may see unexpected scenery, with "a spring scenes and met.
Calm and joy, will see "of the variable. With the view of the world of mortals everything calmly and with heart feel every detail in life. Let the sun shining dilute my heart worries, with a pale spearmint, watch the world of mortals of the past. A captivating smile, in the days that the wind light cloud light wave light.
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Praise is a kind of power, is also a kind of art. In the life everywhere is full of praise. Learn to praise can feel warm, oneself also can harvest happiness, which will live more wonderful.
The best sound in the world is at the praise, the best gift is also praise, success of praise can bring pleasure to others, can make others encouraged. Praise is indispensable to our optimism in the face of life, is the power source of our self-confidence, self-esteem. Praise is the lubricant of human relations, but also can restrain people action, make the person take the initiative to consciously overcome shortcomings, positive and uplifting.
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People, always hope to get the praise of others. Once the child, or white-haired old man, will want to get proper praise from society or others, so that their own pride and honor to obtain satisfy. From the perspective of social psychology, praise is a kind of effective communication skills, can shorten the psychological distance between people. Praise can say love is a kind of nature.
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A really want to praise others, in praise, will be very targeted and measured, know what acura, which is to remind, what is against it. Praise classic tale about quite a lot, too numerous to list. But let a person strange is, people like to great men keen to evaluate or celebrities, often ignore the people around. Want to carefully, also really a little weird. Grasping, the problem is many, is the key to every one of us, that has implications for how to handle interpersonal relationships and build correct cognitive concept, how to treat each person's strengths and advantages, learn to praise others.
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Praise is one of the most sweet sounds of all that praise should give a person a kind of beautiful feeling. The language of the novel, is charming and attractive. Simple praise may be exciting, but one is originally good praise if monotonous repeated many times, also can appear insipid, even boring. A woman has said, she repeatedly said she grow very beautiful, for others have felt very tired, but when someone told her, like her temperament extraordinary woman should go to a movie, leave the world a film copy, she smiled.
Praise a person, face to face and back of the effect is quite different. If we say something nice about somebody else's face to face, the other party will think we are flattered him, to please him. When our fair is behind, others will think we are sincere, sincerely said he good, the somebody else will be ungrateful, and be grateful for us.
Appropriate praise can make people happy, but the excessive praise is counterproductive. Excessive praise will be at the risk of flattery, give a person a kind of false feeling, so will recruit people disgust, will not achieve the goal of praise.
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Praise need sincere to others, and leave the real sincerely, to appropriately praise each other, must conform to the facts. If you want to in some small place praise, more needs to be each other's work and life experience as a general understanding, in order to accurately put forward others didn't think you would mention the tiny place. In some serious and tense situation, the use of tiny stimulation to affect the specific circumstances of the psychological, often can get the result of "moistens everything silently".
A balloon again beautiful, again bright, blowing is too small, not good; Blow too large explosion easily. Praise such as blowing balloons, should unquestioning, moderation is preferred.
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Therefore, in the praise others must adhere to the principle of moderation. Compliment or praise a person, sometimes a little exaggeration can fully express themselves more praise of love, others will be willing to accept. But if too much exaggeration, your praise is from the actual situation, let a person feel the lack of sincerity. Because a sincere compliment tend to be more simple, from the heart.
Can say praise and recognition are like the wind to sail, like the rain for the seed, the spirit to encourage, in fact, more than any material reward. Praise is a indispensable nourishment, in our growth process is also hope that is the power, is to use their own inner fire to ignite people's inner fire.
Praise is a kind of state. Is from the heart sincere expression. Praise is the recognition of the achievement of others and respect for others. Praise others, we are also to an incentive to oneself. Heartfelt praise, even an ordinary word, a respectful eye contact, gently pat the shoulder, can produce unexpected results.
Actually we certainly want to get others nature is hard to change, whether children, or adults, either in life, or at work, we all need praise. So, please be generous with your praise, a lot of times, it is more useful than the severe criticism.
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We should learn to appreciate, praise others, try to dig the best in others. As a tree, some people see is a tree full of lush; While some people only see a caterpillar on the treetop. Why did the same thing, two completely different results? Because some people know the recognition and praise, and some people will only use captious, accused the view of things. My friends, learn to praise. Generously open our mind, to accommodate more people, more than planting some happy woods, let the other people and to share your life give us joy and laughter.
Learn to praise, in the life learning and mastering the wisdom of life, to appreciate the vision to see others, it will let us open mind, to broaden the vision, can see more beautiful, more harmonious society and life.
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In life we have to learn how to use praise and praise, praise. Now that we need to praise, praise since can let us to the next level, pushes us hard, let us learn to praise!


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Re: Cena con nuestro cómplice: Miquel Roca

The African NationalCoach Outlet Online Congress has won South Africa's general election, Coach Outletholding on to power despite Coach Factory Outleteconomic woes and corruption allegations that some felt might weaken its grip.Coach Outlet OnlineSome 62.2% of votes cast went to the ANC,Coach Factory Outlet according to provisional results from the country's electoralCoach Outlet Store Online commission as of Saturday morning.Coach Outlet Store Online The Democratic Alliance placed a distant second with 22.2% of the vote,Coach Factory Outlet while four other parties split the rest.The millions of voters who participated in Wednesday's elections were charged with electing 400 members of Parliament,Coach Outlet as well as representatives in new legislatures in South Africa's nine provinces,Coach Outlet according to the South African Press Association.Coach Handbags OutletThe electoral commission reported just over 73% turnout among the nation's 25 million registered voters.Earlier,Coach Outlet South Africa's Government Communication and Information System called the elections "a resounding success."Coach Outlet
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Gucci zegarki pojawia się

Gucci zegarki pojawia się podgląd na targach Bazylea 2014, trzy Repliki zegarków nowe modele G-Timless Slim. Rundzie oglądać 40 mm, mieszany, który wyświetla, godzin, minut, małe po 6 godzin i daty. Model całkowicie ponadczasowe, dostępne i mechaniczne. Szczegóły.

2610 Jest to nr jednostek

2610 Jest to nr jednostek Nadwislanskich Raducz Warszawa i chyba Czerwony Bor tyle ze Jednostka w Raduczu wczesniej nie byla jednostka Nadwislańska i miala nr 1495 ale pod koniec mojej sluzby zmieniono nr rowniez na 2610.Pozdro

Wcześniej tzn kiedy?? Jak

Wcześniej tzn kiedy?? Jak ja byłem to miała nr 2501, co do nr 1945 to chyba był 1492.
A nr 2610 ma tylko warszawa (poczytaj mojego linka) ew ktoś mógł być w innej miejscowości jak był duszy pobór (Ruda Tarnowska,Czerwony Bor itp)
JW 2610 1996-98

jw 2501

WItam a nie czasami 2601 Raducz ???

Tak to na pewno 2501. JW 2601 chyba niema (zobacz w googlaczu) może masz na myśli 2610 Warszawa? tu jest opis

2601 a 2610 to róznica

2601 a 2610 to róznica ???
1 Warszawska Brygada Zmotoryzowana (JW 2610) - Warszawa w Twoim linku ?

Musze poszukać książęczki wojskowej i sprawdzić dokładnie ale głowe bym dał że 2601 raducz

Tak na 100% 2501 mam przed

Tak na 100% 2501 mam przed sobą książeczkę.
Jak znajdziesz to nie patrz po pieczątkach (ja mam 2610, później byłem w Wawie) tylko str. 13 pkt.5.Poświadczenie złożenia przysięgi wojskowej (o ile miałeś przysięgę w Raduczu)


JW 2610 1996-98

Tak jest masz racje w rzeczy

Tak jest masz racje w rzeczy samej 2501 i przysięge składałem w Raduczu.
Byłem równiez w jednostce w Warszawie na Podchorążych w Centralnej MSW.



Ja byłem najpierw w Raduczu 1996 to była 2501, poźniej byłem w COs NJW MSW Katowice 1492, Poźniej dwa razy poligon Czerwony Bór z przesiadką w Górze Kalwarii.
Nazwy jednostek później się pozmieniały bo były likwidowane. Jak zlikwidowali w Katowicach to Raducz przejął 1492 z Katowic(tak myśle) A na końcu byłem w swojej macierzystej jednostce na Podchorążych 2610 na łącznośći (ba 2 tygodnie)
Szukam kasety z przysięgi z Raducza 08.06.1996
[email protected]
gg 7818997
Pozdro dla wszystkich nadwiślańczyków w szczególnośći
z bateri artylerii przeciwlotniczej NJW MSW Katowice, Warszawa, Olsztyn, Sanok, Bemów, Emów.

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